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August 1st, 2009

Milestones & Millstones

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As I came to the blog’s admin page to write today’s entry, as is often the case, I don’t actually know what I’m going to write. Blogging isn’t always easy. I take my inspiration from different places, sometimes it’s something on the news or in the papers, something that’s happened at work, other times it’s something from my 30 years’ service. And quite often I haven’t got a bloody clue but still have to come up with something. (these are often days when I post videos!)

Tonight I noticed that I’ve written 900 separate blog entries, this will be my 901st, only 100 more and that’s 1,000 total entries.

It also reminds me of another milestone I shall be reaching in 6  weeks time when I’ll have blogged every single day for two years.

Anyway, that’s another post where I didn’t have to actually do much thinking, which suits me.

Before you go, check out this BBC News clip & see if you can spot the police officer with a ‘wardrobe malfunction’