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July 28th, 2009

Arse about Face

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Amandeep Kaur Grewal is a female Sikh officer with the Met. She is set to be awarded a five-figure sum (£10,000 – £99,000) for hurt to her feelings after the Met were found guilty of racial & religious discrimination during her training period at Hendon. She claimed that some of her fellow recruits behaved in a ‘less than friendly way towards her’.

She is currently serving as a PC in the Met, I therefore assume that this behaviour has not caused her so much stress as to never be able to work again. An arm didn’t fall off as a result of her treatment & clearly she didn’t die.

Compare & contrast with Corporal Anthony Duncan who was shot in Iraq in 2005. He underwent 11 operations, took two years to recuperate & has one leg shorter than the other. He, also, is back working at his old job & is currently serving in Afghanistan. He was awarded a four figure sum (£9,250) but succeeded at a tribunal in getting his compensation raised to £46,000.

The government are currently appealing in an effort to reduce the amount of compensation Cpl Duncan & another soldier have been awarded.

As usual, having your limbs blown off in a war zone is harder to get decent compensation than having to put up with some playground taunting.