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July 25th, 2009

Era’s End

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Sad news today with the death of the country’s last WWI veteran, Harry Patch.


Harry died peacefully at his care home in Somerset. Harry became the country’s oldest man following the death recently of 113-year-old WWI veteran Henry Allingham. The third last survivor of the conflict, sailor Bill Stone also died earlier this year. Harry was our last living link to the First World War having fought as a machine gunner in the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry. He fought at Ypres & Passchendale. His war ended in September 1917 when he was hit by shrapnel which killed 3 men of his 5-man machine gun team.

Harry never spoke of his experiences until he reached the age of 100, after which he said that all the killing & death had not been worth it.

Whenever I see news like this I can’t help wondering why there are so few people like Harry & so many people who aren’t fit to lick the shoes of men like the three above, & frustrated that no matter what, some people will never be willing to see the likes of Harry, Henry & Bill as role models.

R.I.P. gentlemen.