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July 24th, 2009

Poachers & Gamekeepers

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Hertfordshire Police have hit on a new scheme to cut burglaries in the county; they are  engaging the use of security consultants so they can advise householders on how best to minimise the risk of being broken into.

Twelve convicted  burglars have agreed to admit all their crimes & act as consultants for a period of three years while they undergo drug  & alcohol rehabilitation programmes.

The consultants are not paid for their advice but have their prison sentences deferred for six months, if they have not been caught burgling any houses in that time their sentence is reviewed & they can be given a 3-year community sentence instead.

Detective Sergeant Claire Harvey said: “If a particular area is suffering from a lot of burglaries, we would ask one of the guys to come out in a car, asking how can we make particular properties less of a target – which houses they would pick and why,” she said. “They are like evil geniuses. And now they are putting their knowledge to good work.’ A police spokesman added: ‘This is not the easy way out, as the offenders must admit every crime they have committed and if they fall back into offending they face a long prison sentence.”

John, who admitted more than 200 offences, said: “Lock your shed. If you leave a spade or fork in your garden, it is going in the window. I have gone through cat-flaps – I just removed the flap and crawled through. Do not leave your back door key in the door if you have a cat-flap because I can just put my hand through and reach the key.”

Well, that sounds like the level of advice given by security consultants in other spheres so I guess it presents really good value when you compare it to the squillions of pounds a year paid to ex senior officers who ‘consult’ for their old force.

They could, of course, just apply common sense & save on all the bad publicity.