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July 17th, 2009

Link Updates

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I’ve had a bit of an update in the links front. Some have been added & some removed, either because they have been deleted (a la the Times scare) or haven’t been updated for months.

Blogs to go:

  • Nightjack – stopped blogging due to the Times
  • Another Bloody Grumpy Copper – not been updated since August 2008
  • PCSO Bloggs (became a PC towards the end) – stopped blogging due to the Times
  • This End Bites – not updated since January 2009
  • Charlie Lima – not updated since February 2008
  • De-tec-tive – blog removed
  • Unlikely Cop – not updated since September 2007
  • You’re Nicked – not updated since October 2008

Incidentally, blogs which have closed due to the Times which I didn’t link to include Fighting the Good Fight, No Offences Disclosed, Sheep Dogs & Wolves. Some blogs have gone but it’s not clear if they were because of the Times or not; CSI UK, Totally Un-PC, A Proper Cuppa.

New Links added:

If you have a police blog & wish to trade links, let me know.