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July 14th, 2009

A Clip round the Ear

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The Tory party have come up with an answer to antisocial behaviour.

Police should have the power to temporarily confiscate antisocial youths’ mobiles phones & bikes.

Chris Grayling, the shadow Home Secretary said: “If we are to deter potential troublemakers, the consequences they face have to be relevant to the lives they lead, and to be immediate. Otherwise why would they stop what they are doing?

“I’d like to see police given the power to confiscate, temporarily, a young troublemaker’s mobile phone, removing their sim card, with all their mobile numbers and text messages on it, for a fortnight or a month; not permanently, but long enough to make a point.

Grayling said that punishing antisocial behaviour in this way was the equivalent of the “21st century clip round the ear”.

I think this one has legs. I’ve long thought that there should be more to dealing with ferral youths than looking at hem sternly & threatening to tell their mother. Personally, if I caught someone damaging something, I’d go round his bedroom, take his most prized possession & stamp it into dust in front of him. If he was caught nicking, I’d grab stuff to triple the value & flog it on eBay & give the proceeds to the victim.

One thing’s for sure, if we confiscate their mobile phones it will cut the level of ‘threats by text’ crimes at a stroke as nobody would be able to send threats & nobody would be able to receive them & report it to the old bill.