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July 8th, 2009

Sometimes I love my workmates

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I was quite disappointed (to say the least) earlier this year when I was refused leave for an important family event. It seems the department’s ability to grant leave with 8 months’ notice is beyond the whit of the people who sort out the duties in our control room.

It really is a case of if the computer says no then that’s your lot.

I happened to be talking about it one grub time, it was one of our increasingly regular ‘bitching about work sessions ‘ – I think we were on the ‘the job’s shafted me again’ sub-section – when one of the girls on the shift happened to mention that she’d booked the weekend that I wanted off.

Oh great, so you’re the reason Mrs Weeks has withdrawn what meager conjugal rights I might have had & why she’s currently only grunting at me over my pie & beans (self-cooked).

My disposition changed dramatically when she said she didn’t really need leave that weekend & would I like to swap!

It appears that the cancelling of one set of leave & replacing it with another has not caused the department in charge of pissing off the workers an apoplectic fit & I have now duly been granted leave.

Let’s hope that the half of the family who have been thinking we’re so thoughtless as to decline our invite haven’t sold our places to the highest bidder & Mrs Weeks relents in her recent quest to convert me to celibacy.