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July 6th, 2009

More Technology

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The Met are introducing new technology in a couple of boroughs. This technology consists of inserting a chip into officers’ radios so that control will know where they all are.

Controllers will be able to look on a map & see little icons of all their officers dotted over the map of Kensington & Chelsea. If it’s a success, it will be rolled out around the rest of the force.

It can be really useful, a controller can instantly see who is nearest to any job which comes in. If an officer is in trouble & shouts for emergency assistance or presses their emergency button – especially if they are unable to speak because some thug’s boot is in their mouth – controllers can instantly despatch assistance to a precise location.

The technology has been available for many years. My local taxi firm has been using something like it for ages, as have the ambulance service. It’s interesting when you call ambo control to find out an ETA for an ambo, that their controller says ‘the ambulance is 1.4 miles from the scene’. (that’s just an example of what they say, only when their ambo is 1.4 miles from the scene, obviously, if the ambo is closer or further away, they say something else).

The system has been available for a while within the police service. Mostly, it’s only used to pinpoint police vehicles. So when officers are away from the vehicle, which is quite often, it’s not so useful. For instance, a lot of officers don’t patrol in vehicles, dog handlers can end up a mile or more away from their car on a good track, so personal location systems might be a useful addition to the command & control structure.

It might be really good. On the other hand it might just show one or two little dots around the map of the town with a huge congolmeration of dots spookily close to the where the town’s police station is on the map.

Getting officers to switch the thing on might be a problem, though.