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June 28th, 2009

That’ll be 11 grand, please

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News of case this week of someone suing  someone else within the police service.

Darren Yates, a civilian recruitment manager with West Midlands Police, is said to have described a Muslim PC as looking like Osama Bin Laden and a “prat” in Islamic dress.

An industrial tribunal heard that the manager said the officer looked like a terrorist because of his beard.
PC Tariq Dost was awarded £11,000 at the tribunal when it agreed he had been subjected to racial and religious discrimination.

Two things strike me about this case;
Firstly – and anyone who has been reading this blog for any time will know what I think of the compensation culture – if someone made a remark about me which I didn’t like, I’m not sure I would be looking to the law to address the matter. I might  be seeking thousands of pounds if they’d injured me, but hurting my feelings?

But secondly, what the fuck was a recruitment manager doing making  such non-PC remarks to someone else at work? I’d have thought that of anyone, someone involved in any recruitment department let alone a police recruiting manager would be up-to-speed with current policies & expectations. Whether you agree with the policies or not surely you’ve got to be pretty stupid to say something like that in the current climate?