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June 10th, 2009

Down, down, deeper & down

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Things continue to slide ever decreasingly downwards in the control room. I can’t get more than 4 days off in a row in the summer so will not be able to take a summer holiday with my family.

We debated about going away together & me coming home for 4 shifts & then going back for a couple of days but it looks like Mrs Weeks doesn’t want the stress of  spending a summer holiday preventing kids from fighting & arguing while I’m at work. It’s usually the only time of the year she gets to relax while I  do much of the family ‘work’.

I was sitting with Hannah this week. Hannah has been in the control room for 5 or 6 years. She couldn’t get time off for a family member’s wedding & has been refused leave on 20 applications so far his year. She also won’t get a summer holiday & has had enough. She has been applying for other jobs for the last year.

Hannah (unlike me) has lots of friends outside the police force who spend their time taking a day off here or there just because they want to, ringing her up & asking if she wants to join them. They can’t understand how an employer can treat their workers like that. I have no idea whether this is the case; I’ve worked within the police for my entire adult life. I’m guessing that maybe private industry may treat their workers with a little dignity & respect but possibly the public sector, who have been told to save money, and have pared everything down to the bone, don’t.

Hannah asked me whether I’d considered moving to another department where life is a little better & the staff are happier. It was the first time the thought had ever crossed my mind.

The chief has been told to save x-million pounds over the next two or three years. This gets divvied up, how I know not, but the control room has a slice of those savings to make. This means that staff who leave won’t be replaced and those due to have been taken on will get letters saying, due to unforseen circumstances, we are no longer recruiting.

Hannah has an interview for a new job in another department in a couple of weeks time. The sheer irony is that she can’t get any time off to attend.