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June 9th, 2009

Surely some mistake?

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Any Metpol readers out there can confirm a story which appeared in the Sun yesterday about Heathrow Police being banned from wearing a Union Jack badge?

The story goes that about 100 of the Met’s armed officers at the airport bought a 1inch lapel badge in the form of our national flag in support of the ‘Help for Heroes‘ campaign. The Sun reports that top brass banned the wearing of the badge because it might be deemed offensive.

Ordinarily, you might get instantly annoyed that anyone might deem the Union Jack offensive & that the wearing of the national emblem shoud be supported (and anyway, isn’t it the flag of St George which we are trying to wrest back from the hands of racists?), but being as it’s the Sun it might be a) not true and b) that the badge has been banned because all badges are banned since they are not part of uniform, in which case there is no story at all.

Having said that, I seem to recall some years ago my own force banning the wearing of badges. I can’t recall what prompted the ban, but there was an outcry from officers & the decision was rescinded but officers were only allowed to wear one at a time. This was in the days when various police departments would make little lapel/tie pins in support of various charities, they became collectors items. I think it was the RUC who started it all with a series of Rupert Bear badges in support of officers killed & injured on the streets of Northern Ireland. I myself used to wear a small American Police badge on my tie which I was given by an American Officer in 1980. It became a kind of talisman & I wore it every day of my career except when I was on duty but not in uniform (which wasn’t often).

So, anyone know the truth of the Sun story?