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June 6th, 2009

Today I have been mostly…(2)

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D-Day Veteran

… watching the D-Day Landing commemoration services.

I have so much respect for the guys who attend the remembrance services. I try to attend my local one each year and am always touched with a hint of sadness in the knowledge that at the next one there will be less of the veterans than there were at the last.

I am always amazed at the dignity of a group of people who, by dint of acts of others, end up on the battlefield paying for deeds of a small group of individuals who are safe in their beds.

When you are used to dealing with the absolute dregs of society, it is refreshing to know that there were & are people out there who put others far above themeselves. Sometimes you just want to drag people by the scruff of the neck from their Satellite systems & Plasma screens or their dole queues & crack dens & force them to watch Remembreance Services until something, just a smidgeon seeks throughy their greedy, self-obsessed, thick little skulls. But alas, I fear they would be there forever.

I’m sure there were sponging, no-good leaches around during the days of WWII, but I can’t help thinking there are an awful lot more these days.

One of my relatives died recently. He used to attend the Remembrance Day services with his war medals. If I lived to be half the man he was, I’d die a happy man.