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June 5th, 2009

Trying to upgrade

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Isn’t it funny how much we have come to rely on the internet. The server on which this blog is hosted had a problem today. I don’t know what it was other than the guy who runs it sent me an email saying it was down for a few hours. I guess a few readers noticed it too; hit counter was down and no comments today at all.

I’d planned to update the software for it & had set aside an hour before work when I could just upgrade WordPress. I couldn’t access the site at all, it had dispappeared. My first thought was that someone, somewhere had ordered the site pulled or deleted, hence the email to to person who’se server it is. Thankfully it wasn’t just a technical problem, but it didn’t stop me sitting at the PC pressing the refresh button for a couple of hours. Apparently, I could have fitted a couple of trips to the tip in that time, according to Mrs Weeks. Women have no idea sometimes, priorities all wrong, they just don’t get it.

I never got the software upgraded, I’ll have to do that another time. I don’t suppose anyone will notice any difference as I think it’s only the admin side of things which is changing.

It did make me wonder whether I had slipped down the radar of PSD since I retired (if I’d been on it to start with).