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June 4th, 2009

Shocking Decisions

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The chief constable of Lothian & Borders Police won’t have endered himself to many of his officers this week, he has come out against the use of Tasers.

Whilst even the government are encouraging more forces to take up their share of  Taser issue, David Strang stands alone – well, apart form the Metropolitan Police Authority – against wider issue of the equipment.

He says that the suitability of Taser has yet to be proven in Scotland, saying that body armour & CS were adequate defences for officers in his force.

He argues that the use of Taser is a specialist skill which suggests that the majority of British officers can’t be trained to a sifficiently high stanard despite the majority of police forces across the entire world managing to train all their officers with the use of deadly force in the form of firearms.

One of the arguements trotted out by critics of the technology is that wider issue would alarm the public & cause tension on the streets. Apparently, the fact that it offers the  police an excellent addition for defence & reduces the need to kill people by firing bullets into their flesh is of rather secondary importance.