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June 3rd, 2009

He’s coughed it

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Incredible story of the day has to go to the former New York Cop, now a private investigator, who is suing for $100,000 compensation.

Robert McKenna, aged 57, says of the incident which prompted the law suit, that he suffered “permanent and emotional pain and suffering” during the incident more than two years ago and was “in imminent fear of losing his life.”

You’d wonder at the horrendousness of the incident which wouold make you fear you were in imminent danger of losing your life, possible a traumatic RTC whilst invloved in a pursuit, or being stabbed during an arrest, or being held hostage, or something pretty damned bad.


He found a bone in his tuna sandwich which caused him to choke for ‘more than a minute’. He now fears going anywhere near a fish fillet sandwich.

One wonders how the hell the man made it through a police career in the NYPD.