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June 2nd, 2009

Turn the Music down

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The new Met Commissioner has come up with a plan to make Londoners feel safer; getting his officers to turn off their sirens. He’s asking officers to use their sirens only when absolutely necessary.

Sir Paul Stephenson told members of the Metropolitan Police Authority that the sound of sirens makes an area seem more dangerous than it actually is. He said, “I do think that noise in London as a city can actually add to the whole perception that this is a violent & dangerous place. The policy is we use sirens only when absolutely necessary. At all other times, they should be turned off.”

I can’t help thinking that this may cause some confusion with some officers not knowing whether they should get to a job the safest way possible, with blues & twos, or wondering whether they will risk being stuck on if someone decides their job isn’t quite so urgent as to require ‘music’. This could lead to more cases of this, which may lead to this.