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June 1st, 2009

Oh no

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I had some bad news today, I mean really bad. My supervisor is moving on. I don’t generally speak very well of supervisors, particularly not in the control room. They tend to promote people through such a high turnover of staff & consequently, it’s not usually the right person for the job, but whoever will do it. This means the quality can be, shall we say, variable.

My particular supervisor has been doing the job for a few years, and to be fair, is good at her job. She is never petty & when things are busy & she notices an administrative error, she merely corrects it herself, than sending it back to me & making a big issue out of it.

She has also done my PDR for the last times. I mean the whole thing. Anyone who has to do their own apparaisal (as it used to be) will know what a futile exercise it is, particularly if you are not looking for promotion & therefore don’t feel the need to tick all the boxes. My supervisor went through jobs I’d dealt with finding evidence to support her assertion that I can do my job quite well. I didn’t have to tap a single computer key & the PDR was there in front of me to read & sign.

To be honest, I haven’t even read them, merely signed them & she took them away to be filed in a cupboard where nobody will ever read it.

As I’m only in my first quarter in the new job, nobody has mentioned a PDR for me. It might be a real pain now my supervisor is leaving. I just now I’m going to get a replacement who won’t be as kind to me. And they won’t be anywhere near as a good a drinking partner on a team night out.