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May 31st, 2009


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There are some days you just don’t need work. Today was just such a day, in fact I don’t think I thought of work all day until I came to do my usual daily post just now.

I spent the day standing in the sun watching a load of cars I could never possibly afford to drive around a bit of tarmac in seemingly endless circles. It was loud, it was hot, I have aching shoulders from wearing a rucksack all day, my feet are crying out for iced water, but it was bloody fantastic.

Then, when I got home, I luxuriated in the bliss of a cool shower (I’m not brave enough to do cold showers) before spending the evening with my lovely family in our favourite restaurant. For the first time in ages we had a bottle of wine & the kids got to order whatever they wanted, including extras (read fries). And I ended the meal with the biggest glass of ice cream, chocolate sauce & cream I’ve had in a pretty long time.

My wife turned to me as we waited for the main course & said “Isn’t it great to go out for a meal & not have to worry what it’s costing”, and she was right.

Sometimes life is really great.