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May 25th, 2009

It wasnae me that dunnit

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I’ve never been one to lie my way out of a situation, (well not one which could get me sacked or gaoled); it’s usually far simpler to apologise & take what comes on the chin. So if I cock up at work, I’ll just say sorry & try not to do it again.

The job is littered with people who complicate matters by trying to lie their way out of it. Usually, you have to be pretty damned good at lying because the consequences of getting caught out can be pretty serious. Just ask Ch Supt Adrian Harper & Supt Johnny Johncox of Surrey Police, who have just been suspended amid allegations of dishonesty in the avoidance of Speeding Tickets. I’ve never been caught speeding but if I was, I wouldn’t ask the wife to pretend she was driving just so I could avoid a fine & some embarassment. (not that that’s what those officers are accused of, you understand, I have no idea what they are being investigated for).

Christine Malcolm received a speeding notice in Lancashire for an offence on June 15th 2008. She thought she had a the perfect excuse as her number plates had been reported stolen days before the notice was received. The police provided a photograph & Mrs Malcolm sent back more photos outlining differences between the car in the speed camera pic & hers, which she said she could prove was outside her house at the time of the offence. She even got her local paper to run the story. The paper reported ‘Despite the fact she has informed Lancashire police about the situation, they have refused to believe her and keep demanding payment. She said: “I just feel so frustrated – I am the victim here and they won’t believe me. I am a law-abiding citizen and I am telling them the truth but they won’t listen.”‘ Go & check out the story, any right-minded person would agree her & her husband are the innocent victims of of some scummy car thief.

Except they’re not.

Her husband reported the number plates stolen a short time after triggering the speed cameras & both him & his wife received suspended prison sentences for attempting to pervert the course of justice this week at Preston Crown Court.

It must have seemed such a good idea at the time. I don’t know what they had to lose other than a small fine & 3 points for just fessing up & saying sorry. Now they’ve got suspended sentences, 200 hours community service & nearly a grand’s worth of fines.

Speed Camera Couple

Some people are just too stupid to lie.