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May 24th, 2009

Motorists on the edge

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One of my gripes over the years about members of the public has been about their inability to appreciate the needs of others, particularly when in their car.

Anyone who has ever stood on a  road closure or answered a phone during a serious RTC will know that their ire knows no bounds when it comes to being held up because someone has been so inconsiderate as to die further up the road.

People don’t give a flying fuck that the reason we’ve shut the road is in order to find out why someone has been killed so we can give the family some kind of answer to the question ‘why?’; they are late for something & it’s the police stopping them. I have zero sympathy for people who complain when the traffic has come to a stand still. Never had when I was standing there on the road turning them back, never will.

But, I had a sneaky moment of empathy with someone in China who got fed up with a suicidal male threatening to jump off a bridge recently. Traffic had been held for five hours while the authorities tried to persuade Chen Fuchao to  come away from the parapet.

Lai Jiansheng, aged 66, was so fed up he walked up to Mr Fuchao, shook his hand, and pushed him off the bridge.

Fortunately, the would be suicidee landed on an air cushion which had been set up below the bridge & is currently recovering in hospital. Mr Jiansheng was arrested. I can’t help thinking there were many silent cheers from the queues of motorists.