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May 18th, 2009


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I had a moment of serendipity yesterday (I had to look that up!).

I went on my usual Sunday walk to get a newspaper. I left it a bit late & my local branch of Tesco didn’t have the Sunday Times, which is my weapon of choice at the weekend. So I checked the Sunday  Telegraph  slot & that too was devoid of copies. I’m not really into the red tops, unless a copy happens to be lying around at work, so I picked up a copy of the Sunday Observer. I can’t recall ever buying this to be honest, certainly in the last 20 years, but needs must & all that.

I took it to work, read the thing through during my break & started on the supplements. I got to the review & was pleasantly surprised to see an item on Nightjack’s blog, specifically about his winning of the Orwell Prize, which I mention on my post of April 29th.

At the bottom of the article was a list of 5 blogs that Nightjack recommends & 200 Weeks was one of them. I quote “200 Weeks started blogging when he had 200 weeks left in his police career. Since then he has blogged every single day. He has now retired and come back as a civilian communications officer. It’s the sort of blog that is good for a smile after a rough day.”

It was one of those warm glow feelings, the problem was that I couldn’t show anyone as nobody at work knows I blog (at least if they do they’ve never mentioned it & I’ve never heard any of them talking about police blogs.)

I’d not have seen this normally, had I not got out of bed late & had Tescos had a bigger supply of Sunday Times or Telegraphs. Is that what is meant by serendipity?

If you’re still reading DC Night, thanks!

You can see the relevant article at the Observer/Guardian website.