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May 17th, 2009

Now they want to rob the dead

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Just as MPs are feathering their own nests, news that they are attempting to snatch away what sparse feathers there are in some others’; they’re trying to put a stop to money designed for officers & families of officers killed or injure don the way to work.

I mentioned in a previous entry that officers who are involved in RTCs whilst travelling to or from duty are considered as being on duty. This is about pension regulations which see officers killed or injured on duty entitled to enhanced benefits in the form of a lump sum and/or pension. partners of officers killed on duty receive a opension for life, unless they remarry.

Since 2000, 93 officers have been killed in traffic accidents, 50 of them were travelling to or from work.

The Home Office is considering removing the police injury benefits for officers killed or injured on the way to work. They have made 51 proposals to reform police injury payments one of which is to “discontinue the provision under which an officer qualifies for an award where the injury was sustained while travelling to or from work”. The matter is currently out to consultation with ACPO expected to give their view very soon.

Presumably, the more cash the government can claw back from dead or disabled police officers, the more they can spend boosting their private property portfolios.