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May 15th, 2009

Email Jacqui

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There seems to be a campaign for everything these days, so, being a little bored,  I had a look around to see if there were any worth joining. I came up with the Email Jacqui Day.

This is in protest at government plans for a massive database logging every email, internet site visited, social networking group activity, phone calls & just about every other bit of personal stuff the government feels it needs a record of. As the government are going to make ISPs store every email we send, someone has hit on the bright idea of just letting the Home Office have a copy early.

To that end, the campaign suggests that you cc: the Home office in on every email you send on June 15th, you could possibly cc: them in on every email you receive too. I get hundreds of spam emails a day, they are welcome to record them all.

I think it’s just a shame that the action is just for one day though, I favour letting them have everything. Depending on which arm of the campaign you read, it suggest emailing Jacqui Spliff personally, while elsewhere they recommend just using an official Home Office email address.

If you wish to partake, or just wish to see what it’s all about, you can find more information – and relevant email addresses – at the following websites:

And lastly, you can have a gander at Jacqui’s own website where you won’t find her asking you to forward everything to her.