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May 14th, 2009

Chickens & Roosting

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So MPs are falling over each other to pay immorally gained expenses back (before someone sacks them). Isn’t it funny how moral you can becaome when you get found out.

It’s currently being discussed on Question Time. Those who saw the programme might share with me the uneasy thoughts triggered by David Dimbleby’s comment to Margaret Beckett “You’ve been fingered a bit by the Telegraph”. Not nice.

We find out today that one MP has been claiming £16,000 for a mortgage which he wasn’t actually paying, because it had been paid off some time before the claim.

Another couple of Tory MPs who are married to each other have hit on a brilliant money-grabbing scam. Remember, as an MP they can claim costs related to a second home. This couple have a home in a constituency & another in London, so in theory, they can claim on their second home. But they can’t both claim for the same second home, so the clear answer is for the husband MP to say their London home is their second home & claim on that while the wife says the constituency home is their second home & gets to make a full claim on that. Double claim, within the rules, everyone’s a winner,  (except the taxpayer and anyone with any decent moral code). The husband has resigned from his position as a Tory aid (but not as an MP)

In my day claiming cash to fund something which you’re not actually funding & lying about the reasons why you should be given cash (which is your main home & which is a second home) are criminal offences. It’s called fraud. People get their benefits stopped every day if they get found out they’re cheating & many of them find themselves up before the beak.

In the last few days we heard loud calls from within the walls of Westminster for the police to investigate the person who leaked this information to the Telegraph. I’ve not heard many calls for the police to investigate any fraudulent expense claims.