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May 11th, 2009

Management Treats

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Well, the swine flu pandemic doesn’t appear to have fulfilled its initial newsworthy sensationalist press reports, at least not yet.

Just in time for it to not spread like wildfire, the control room managers have got right on top of the situation; you can’t find desk space for antisceptic wipes, sprays & antibacterial cleaning materials.

There are posters & emails imploring evryone to clean everything as often as possible. It’s fantastic stuff, not because it kills all known germs but that it smells so good.

It’s taken me right back to the middle eighties when you couldn’t walk through a garage block or small copse without falling over a spaced-out, teenage glue-sniffer. Man that stuff is hot!

It goes straight up your nose, bypasses the sinuses, straight round the back of your brain where it tickles every synapse in the head before heading south for the frontal cranium where it ejaculates itself with the speed of light out of the eyeball sockets.

Night shifts in the control room are going to be so much fun from now on…