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May 10th, 2009

Too many Kettlers

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The United Campaign Against Police Violence – no I’ve never heard of them either – is arranging a fantastic new protest in London on may 23rd.

Whether the demo will be as ‘mass’ as they wish is yet to be seen, but gthey are planning to picket New Scotland Yard to stop anyone getting in or out & thus recreate the world-famous Met Police ‘kettling’ tactics, presumably on a “well, how do you like it?” basis. Like the country needs one more yooman rights group.

UCAPV are a new outfit formed in April. Their raison d’etre appears to be;

  • to remember Ian Tomlinson
  • to stop deaths in police custody
  • to call for the right to demonstrate
  • to stop the erosion of civil liberties

I would like to take the opportunity to announce that I am here, today, announcing the formation of a new group ‘Support Our TSG’.

We wish to

  • remember David Adams, Christopher Dent, Gary Toms, Stephen Carroll, Laura Williams, James Drew, George Small & Diane Donald.
  • to stop police deaths at the hands of members of the public
  • to call for the right not to be assaulted, injured or killed on duty
  • to stop the erosion of good behaviour & respect

Our first protest will be at New Scotland Yard on May 23rd where we will kettle anyone who tries to kettle the police. The trouble is, who kettles the people who kettle the kettlers?