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May 7th, 2009

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Health & Safety plays a big part in all modenr life, not just the police. The latest bit of H&E advice only applies to female officers.

In particular it applies to items of female underwear to be work on duty. Lady officers are being advised not to wear underwired bras incase the wire is driven into the skin by the force of a bullet. On first reading that you might think that when being struck by a bullet, whether your bra wire sticks into your chest would be something of a somewhat lesser consideration than the several grams of lead penetrating said area at 300 metres per second.

Writing in this month’s ‘Police‘ magazine, Julia Roper-Smith, the Sergeants’ National Police Women’s representative of the Police Federation said, “There is no such thing as a bullet proof bra. Body armour has to be close fitting and you should wear a bra that does not contain metal objects. You should not wear underwired bras as the metal can be driven into the skin causing more damage.”

The Home Office has also offered guidance for protection of the wobbly bits, “The Home Office Scientific Development Branch have always advised officers that body armour should be close fitting to the body and hard objects such as metal buttons, press studs, badges and the like should never be placed beneath body armour.

“If this advice is followed there should be no need for female officers to wear specially padded protection at the bust area as the trauma protection provided by body armour certified to HOSDB standards is sufficient to prevent serious injury – although the wearing of padded bras will not adversely affect the safety of the wearer providing they contain no metallic/plastic wiring.”

“The problem only arises if an officer is shot; there should be little or no problems with any additional injury caused as a result of a knife attack as the risk of trauma injury is much greater will ballistic attack than knife attack.”

So now you know.