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May 5th, 2009

On your own doorstep

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News today that the government are getting squillions of pounds from speeding motorists; the Telegraph works out it is something like £250,000 every single day through speeding fines, £88million a year.

One person who will be somewhat embarassed at being caught speeding is one Tom Riall. He was caught racing to a business meeting in his 2.7 litre Volvo. He was stopped by police doing 102 on an A-road with speed limits varying from 50 to 70mph.

He faces a ban when he appears before Suffolk magistrates this week. He is quoted as saying “I understand the consequences of excessive speeding & want to make a full apology to the court”.

He should be aware of the consequences; Riall is the chief executive of Serco, the company responsible for providing, installing & maintaining 5,000 of the country’s 8,000 speed cameras.