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May 4th, 2009

Jobs for the girls

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I’ve long been a critic of diversity training. Not that it’s not useful to be aware of people’s needs, it’s more that the training is such utter shite; condescending, schoolboy level, waste of time-time type training so that someone in an office somewhere can tick a box saying their officers have fulfilled some government dictat.

I was reading today about some training in Dyfed Powys. They apparently engage the services of a transsexual  who trains officers how to deal with transgender-phobic violence. Formely known as Mark, Michelle – who hasn’t undergone any surgery to change sexes – is currently paid expences to teach the courses as part of the force’s diversity training.

The irony of it is that the area in which she runs the courses hasn’t had a single transgender hate crime. A spokesperson for the force said, “She does a brilliant job. While there is no recorded hate crime in the area, that isn’t to say it doesn’t exist.”

I guess we can be rest assured that if there ever is a recorded allegation of a transgender hate crime, Dyfed Powys will be really well placed to investigate it.

I just wonder how many courses are run to show officers how to investigate burglaries.