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May 2nd, 2009

Not left out

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It’s nice to see that the UK doesn’t have a monopoly on rioters. Apparently a good old May Day riot is the done thing in such places as Germany. Greece, France, Russia, Philippines, Japan & Hong Kong have been keen to get in on the act. Spain, Italy & Cuba are set to join in soon, too.

In yesterday’s traditional May Day riots Berlin police suffered 273 injuries, 14 of which were serious enough for officers not to be able to return to work for some time.

Tear gas & water canons were used on crowds in Istanbul as they joyfully celebrated the first day of May by chukcing bricks at police. In Berlin, rubbish bins were set about as our cheerful European brothers & sisters threw bottles & stones at police, passing trams & cars.

Clearly, thousands of UK rioters missed a trick & failed to join in with their European stakeholders & partners.

I’ve not been able to find out how many complaints have been made in all those countries, nor what has happened to them.