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April 29th, 2009


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Just taking a few minutes to welcome new readers.

There have been quite a few new readers in the last week. It’s usually nothing that I’ve done, but someone, somewhere links to me & I get an upgraded hit rate on the back of someone else’s popularity.

This week I’ve done well on the back of some literary success for Nightjack. He won something called the Orwell Prize. I don’t follow the Orwell Prize so don’t know too much about it but congratulations to Nightjack for winning it. My hit rate doubled overnight as a result of people checking out his site (or Googling it – I come second for the term ‘Nightjack‘).

For those who don’t know me, I’m a recently retired police officer. I did my 30 years, most of which were on the front-line doing full shifts. I ended my career in the relative comfort of the control room, where I returned to life as a civvy just a few weeks ago.

The 200 weeks of the title is in reference to how long I had to go until retirement when I started the blog, so whilst I might not be the most popular police blogger, I’m certainly one of the oldest (in terms of life of the blog, not my age. Although, thinking about it, I’m probably one of the oldest police bloggers age-wise too).

I don’t have the literary prowess of Nightjack nor the popularity of Inspector Gadget, but I was quoted in the Guardian two weeks ago! And whilst the majority of my posts are police-related, I do wander off into political & social comment, together with a little humour & satire from time to time.

For the last 18 months or more I’ve had a little project to make a blog entry every day. Come September I’ll have blogged every single day for two years. Not easy, I can tell you. You won’t find a more productive police blog than 200weeks.

I like to think my blog is a triumph of content over quality. If you’re a new reader, welcome, I hope you might stick around; company is so important when you get old and grey.