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April 22nd, 2009

Communication, that’s what you need

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We in the British police have  a lot to thank modern communication systems for; we have the fabulous ‘Airwave’ which solved all our poor radio communications problems at a stroke (yeah, right) and if it wasn’t for Facebook & mobile phone texting facilities we’d only have half the amount of work we do now.

It’s so much easier now to threaten & abuse people than it used to be. You can do it from the comfort of your own home, the pub or the dole queue, all without having to go anywhere near your victim. You don’t even have to bump into them in the town centre or go to the expense of a piece of paper & a stamp.

Just fire up the PC (it’s always a PC, Mac users don’t waste their time threatenign people on Facebook, nor I suspect, do Linux users) & you can be slagging off someone to your heart’s content within minutes & have your threat delivered within seconds. If only Pizza Hut could tap into that technology we’d really be onto something.

Most of these jobs invariably involve 15 year old girls, either as the victim or the offender (usually both), or unemployed people who have nothing better to do than spending their unemployment benefit on broadband access; those 500 free text messages with every top-up don’t send themselves. The messages are usually sent to other unemployed people who demand they want something “done abaaat it, naah!”

If you’re on your third day of waiting for the police to take a report of a proper crime, it’s probably because we’re dealing with utter shite like Facebook threats.