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April 21st, 2009

Thoughts for the day

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Just a few little thoughts today.

I see Gordon Brown has announced that minister’s second homes allowance is to go. It’s nice to see that, for a change, the government have had an attack of guilt. Sounds like an admission that they’ve been on the take & got found out. We will have to see wether whatever replaces it is open to as much abuse.

If MPs had paid as much attention to their own fraudulent antics as they have to a few private emails suggesting that someone might call someone else a horrid name or say they smell or something, they’d have done themselves a lot more good.

It was good to see today that someone has  a bit of positive press for the police. Michael Winner, writing in the Mail, of all places, asks people to remember all the good done by the police, both at G20 & generally.

It appears that the impartiality of the IPCC has been called into question after their chairman Nick Hardwick launched a stinging attack on the police handling of G20. He seems to have forgotten that it’s his job to gather evidence & enquire into complaints before announcing the result. Glen Smyth of the Met Federation has likened Mr Hardwick to the “Witchfinder General“. Harsh, but fair.

Quote of the week has to go to someone on one of the police forums this week. When responding to a comment that the IPCC had received 90 complaints (or whatever it was) they replied  to the effect 90 complaints at an event which had thousands of police officers & many thousands of protestors? “We get more than that when someone farts on Big Brother”.