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April 17th, 2009

Cash only causes pain

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So, the woman hit by the Met TSG Sgt at G20 is seeking a massive pay deal to have her story published with the opportunity to try suing the Met for even more money.

You can see Nichola Fisher’s story at the Grauniad website. She seems to have forgotten what her behaviour was like before she was told to ‘get back’ by the officer, preferring everyone to believe that she was just standing there picking daisys & singing ‘we shall overcome’.

Of course, she is now having panic attacks & difficulty sleeping, not that those symptoms would add anything to the compensation, you understand.

Described in some quarters as an ‘anti-capitalist’ she appears to have grasped the capitalist ethos with both hands by using publicity guru Max Clifford to get the maximum amount of publicity & capitalist cash for her plight. £50,000 for the story has been talked about, not to mention all that lovely  compensation lolly. She’s probably heard you can get £400,000 for cutting your fingers in the Met, so a viscious assault which made her ‘feel like she’d been whipped by the Taliban’ must be really making those pound signs flash.

Do me a favour, “whipped by the Taliban”? Maybe she should spend her time going across to Afghanistan to enrich her life by discovering exactly what it is like to be mistreated by the Taliban, ah, but I donlt think they give much money in  compensation out there.

I;m not a doctor but I do have a suggestion to help Ms Fisher with her sleeping problems & panic attacks; stop thinking of free cash & you’ll find those symptoms will just melt away.