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April 14th, 2009

Truly Shocking

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Welcome if you’re visiting this blog as a result of clicking on a link from the “Police Brutality at the G20…” Flickr group.

I’m touched that the organisers of this insignificant little bunch (10 members) think my blog is so “shocking” that they need to link to it to point out to the world the truly shockingness of it.

I don’t know much about Flickr other than it is a good example of a truly appalling design & user-interface. I think that if you are a member of Flikr, you can join & post your photos of Police Brutality for all the world to see how truly appaling the British police is.

Only I think the 10 members of this august group have missed the point. I looked through all 47 photographs, there are shots of police officers with batons raised, there are 4 shots of members of the public with some blood on them, there are a couple of shots of policemen with angry faces. I can’t see many which demonstrate ‘brutality’. We are none the wiser as to how or by whom any of the injuries were caused, nor the circumstances. One person seems to have totally missed the point of the group, unless showing a photo of some musicians talking to a bunch of protesters without a police officer in shot is true evidence of police brutality.

There are some great journalistic shots on there, but I’m not convinced the IPCC will be calling for ‘exhibit A’ from the Flickr group.

If you’ve visted from the Flickr link, were you shocked? If so, my work here is done…