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April 10th, 2009

Pots & Kettles

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So the Met have been ordered to explain the tactics used during the G20 protests. Some people don’t like the tactic of “kettling” which is closing off escape routes & keeping the protestors in the same location.

I heard one of the Met Police Authority lady members on the radio a few days ago criticising it and bringing her awesome level of knowledge of dealing with violent protests with helpful suggestions (which were proved to be spectacular failures a long time ago, Poll tax Riots, Tottenham, etc).

Personally, if I didn’t want to get caught up & have my freedom of movement curtailed for a few hours, I wouldn’t go to the centre of a mass protest where it is clear that violence will take place, despite the fact that I myself would have no intention of being violent. Just the same as I don’t go shopping when I know the Premier Football club down the road is playing at home, nor do I go for a long drive to the nearest beach on August Bank Holiday. Freedom includes the freedom to make a rationale decision & then blame myself if I made a stupid one, rather than everyone else.

I have a suggestion for a tactic which will guarantee there are no complaints of being kettled. On the next demo, whatever that is, where violence is expected. I suggest the police don’t mention anything about violence, announce that everyone will attend in flowery pyjamas, singing happy songs, then stay in the police station watching porn all day & leave them all to it.