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April 8th, 2009

Secret Raid Plans Revealed

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Bob Quick reveals the nations secrets
Bob Quick is an Assistant Met Commissioner in charge of counter-terrorism. He’s also a bit of a numpty.

Mr Quick was filmed arriving at Downing Street this morning. He was holding some paperwork as he alighted from his vehicle, doubtless the reports were to assist him in briefing lots of important expense-fiddlers in the government.

As a result of the secret stuff left in open view to the world’s media the police had to bring forward some plans for anti-terrorism raids & nicked lots of suspected naughty people in the north of the country today.

Apparently, the raids have been quite successful & ten people have been arrested.

Through the use of top secret technology, available to anyone with a zoom on their camera, 200 Weeks can exclusively reveal the content of the top secret raid plans…