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April 7th, 2009

Taking Sides

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I saw this video earlier today on the Grauniad website. I watched it again on the Ten’o’clock News on the BBC.

I expect that there were many police officers feeling distinctly uncomfortable in an arse-shifting on chair kind of way as they watched this. The debates have already started on the Police Forums. As can be expected, there are people with very opposing views. I guess it’s hard to see an incident like this and not instantly take sides depending on you personal bias. Police officers are generally posting that the officers on the day were justified in using violence on protestors, non-police are generally saying they overstepped the mark.

If you’ve not seen the footage, go & take a look & see whether you come down on one side or the other, or if you’re going to reserve judgement until after the IPCC investigation.

I suppose the facts of the matter are that a man was pushed by a police officer, fell over & died of a heart attack a few minutes after getting up & walking off. The how, what, where, when & why of it are still to be revealed.

Whatever the result of the investigation, I would not like to be in the shoes of any of the officers present on that video.

You can get the 10-o’clock News version of the film at the BBC News website.