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April 5th, 2009

Talking of Leaches

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Another day, yet another government minister with both hands firmly stuck in the cookie jar.

Who can remember Tony Blair coming to power, when he announced an end to government sleaze after years  of Tory party misdemeanors?

It turns out to be true what they said – they’re all as bad as each  other.

Transport Secretary, Geoff Hoon, has been helping himself to seventy grand’s worth of taxpayer’s cash in the form of an allowance  for a second home.

This is  a man who, as Defence Secretary, lived in rent free accommodation at Admiralty House, rented out his own house to private tenants, & then claimed the free cash for a home in his constituency in Derbyshire.

Hoon, as is so often the case these days, denies any wrong-doing. He said “I only claimed  what  the rules  allowed  for.”

Hang on a cotton-picking minute. Do these people think we’re fucking stupid? Just because someone finds a way to exploit a loophole in regulations doesn’t justify it, certainly not morally if not legally. That’s how legislation is built. You devise a set of rules, someone finds a way round them so you adjust them to tighten up the loopholes. The person that found the way round them is just as morally bankrupt as someone who broke the bloody rules, as far as I’m concerned.

The same old fucking lame excuse of ‘I was within the rules’ just doesn’t wash. The simple fact is, you didn’t need the money, you didn’t need the house, you just wanted to get as much free cash as your greedy little hands could get. Is it any wonder this country is full of no-good, selfish spongers when the quality of those who are supposed to lead by example is the likes of McNumpty, Spliff, Hoon & all the others already exposed & those doubtless to come?

Admit the truth, resign & fuck off out of here  for someone who might just have better morals than the bunch of leaches you all are. Oh and pay the cash back before you shut the door on your way out.