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April 2nd, 2009

Just Desserts

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I don’t suppose it was a surprise to anyone that the usual rent-a-mob suspects turned up in London yesterday. I think that what was suprising was that there wasn’t even more violence.

It’s entertaining to listen to the different viewpoints of whose fault  everything was. Obviously, I have a biased opinion born of 30 years interacting with scum, liars & thugs. (no, not my colleagues!) And others will have an equally tainted opinion completely opposite to mine.

It was interesting listening to the radio this afternoon in regards the poor chap who died during the demo. The good folk at Radio 5 didn’t put up anyone in support of the police but were happy to air 3 protestors who naturally blamed the police for the guy dying. They all said how the tactics of shutting the demonstrators into a small part of London was the direct cause of him dying because and ambulance couldn’t get to him in time.

Despite this, one of the girls who assisted the man & called officers over to try & save his life is quoted in an interview as saying it took only 10 minutes for an ambulance to get there. None of the interviewees mentioned the fact that the officers, who performed mouth-to-mouth on the guy to try & save his life, had to drag him round the corner to get out of the way of the flying bottles being thrown at them.

I like the photo below, it says so much yet it says nothing.

We can make up our own story. Has the man been viciously beaten by the police whilst engaged in peaceful prayer? Has he been struck in self-defence following a full force drop kick at one of the officers? Has he been hit on the head by a bottle thrown by someone further back who doesn’t have the ‘bottle’ for full-on face-to-face conflict? Is it blood, paint or have Maccy-D been overexhuberant with the ketchup?

Rioter & Police

Personally, I like to believe that whatever happened, the fucker deserved it.