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March 28th, 2009


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Anyone who uses IT systems at work will know that you have an individual ID which you input before being given access to any of the said software. This is so they can tell how much porn you download & what secrets & rumours you are spreading by email.

For 30 years I’ve been known as PC 200. Everything I do, everthing I sign, everything I am within the organisation has been defined by this number.

It’s no surprise then that now I have a new ID, I cannot get used to typing it into any of the systems at work. At the rate I’m going it’s going to be bloody months before I stop typing ‘200’ every time I log into any system. It’s like my fingers have some muscle memory which automatically, without any intervention for what passes as my brain, goes to the ‘2’ key. If I’m lucky I realise before the second ‘0’, if not I get the ‘computer says no’ response at the next press of the ‘Enter’ key.

I spoke to one of our clients this week who wasn’t particularly impressed with the advice I was giving him – which was basically that I wasn’t going to send an officer. He, as they usually do, demanded my name & number. Automatically, without thinking, I replied “It’s PC 200 Weeks & I’m ending the call nowe goodbye”, whereupon I put the phone down & realised that I wasn’t a PC any more.