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March 27th, 2009


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Muppet breaks into a police car
It’s probably safe to assume that Dean Hancock, 29, from Bristol hasn’t learned his lesson.

Hancock, a serial thief, was caught breaking into a trap car which had been rigged with video cameras by the local police. He forced the door of the police-owned Peugeot before stealing a purse which had been left as a ‘honeypot’ trap.

Hancock is either stupid or unlucky – I think probably the second – as this was the second trapped vehicle he has been videoed breaking into. The previous 32 week suspended sentence clearly did nothing to thwart him from his naughty ways. It won’t be any surprise to discover that he’s a druggie who spookily failed to comply with the terms of substance-related offending course.

A six week jail sentence together with an activation of his previous sentence should prevent him from breaking into police cars for, ooh, about 4 and a bit months.