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March 26th, 2009

Once more into the breach…

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The retirement came to a rude awakening this week when I returned to work as a civlian radio operator in the force control room.

I can honestly say that getting out of bed on the first day was met with mixed emotions; I was quite pleased to be seeing my old mates again but after six weeks away I wasn’t looking forward to getting back in to work mode.

Work itself was pretty much as it always was. It was nice of some of the guys to break with radio procedure when they heard me back on the air & welcomed me back.

I spent a lot of the time just talking to everyone & telling them how much the previous six weeks had been enjoyed back at Weeks Towers, & how depressing it was to be back at work. I can’t say I got an awful lot of sympathy on he grounds that if they are so depressed why should I be any happier?

The old team is pretty much as I left them. Nobody has transferred, resigned or been sacked. I did get a donut from one of the team because now I’m back they can get their leave.

Much of the first day was used up ringing round all the various departments to make sure I was set up on all the IT systems with my new civilian ID & most importantly, that I was included on the pay roll.