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March 25th, 2009

TV Crimes

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If you’re waiting at home for the third day because your local police haven’t gotten round to you yet to take a report that you were beaten up on Saturday night, it might be because we are busy investigating allegations such as this.

Jonathan Ross, on his TV show two weeks ago showed a cute photo of a dormouse sleeping on a flower. He cracked a joke about an animal sanctuary waking it during it’s hibernation, in order to take the pic. It’s an offence to interfere with certain species of wildlife in the UK.

A viewer complained to Avon & Somerset Police who sent out an officer to deal with the allegation in an investigation into whether the Wildlife & Countryside Act had been breached.

It hadn’t. Thankfully, the animal rights of little Dozey the Dormouse hadn’t been trodden over. A spokesman for the Secret World Wuildlife Rescue Centre in Somerset confirmed the police had visited & suggested that around eight hours of police time had been wasted on the complaint. He said, “We rescue dormice and work with experts to care for them. I think people meant well but they should have rung up and got the whole story first instead of getting in touch with the police.”


They’ll be complaining to police about the behaviour of the occupants of the Big Brother house next.