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March 23rd, 2009

On the street where you live

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If you need any further evidence of  MPs mis-using their position to feather their own nests, look no further than former Police Minister, Tony McNumpty.

We all know how much criticisim MPs have been under for all their claims of free cash from the public purse, some justified, others not quite so.

Mr McNumpty has taken the tenuous link between what is right & what is allowed to new extremes. Here’s a man whose constituency is just a few miles from  the Houses of Parliament. The allowance should be for MPs who live in the far flung parts of the UK to have a second house within striking distance of the work they are required to do in London. (although why they need to walk away at the end of their career in Parliament with a free second home, rather than just having their rent paid while they are an MP, is beyond me)

It seems rather odd that such an allowance would be permissable for an MP to claim for a second house which is a mere 11 miles from his main abode, both of which are just a few miles from Westminster. What’s more, the house for which he is claiming a second-house allowance is where his parents live.

I’m not the only one who thinks it is completely immoral to claim a housing allowance for a house you don’t live in which is just 11 miles from your own home. Liberal Democrat, Sarah Teather, said “It is completely unacceptable that London MPs living within commuting distance of Westminster are allowed to claim money for a second home. Thousands of Londoners travel to work in central London every single day, so why on earth shouldn’t their MPs?”

McNulty is being rather bullish about the whole matter with the usual claim of ‘doing nothing wrong’. He has declined to pay any of the £60,000 he got for his parent’s house over the last four years. He is the epitomy of that well-known phrase “is that a a gun in your pocket or have you just stuffed them full of tax-payers’ cash?”