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March 20th, 2009

I’ll get me coat

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Someone in the PSNI has been emailing the BBC.

It seems that in the wake of the recent terrorist murders in the province, there are concerns about the amount of bullet-proof vests available for police officers. If you’re one of the smaller officers over there, you might be worried where your issue vest is because there appears to be a shortage.

Officers have been told “If you are in possession of small armour and are on duties in the district where armour is not required, return it”.

The PSNI has said that it is taking steps to address issues of the shortage of some sizes of ballistic vest. I’m sure that’s a great comfort for those officers who have to patrol the streets of Northern Ireland in the knowledge that there are people out there who want to kill them.

I have a feeling that within the bowels of the PSNI HQ there will be more effort tracing the person who emailed the BBC than sourcing suitable amounts of gear.