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March 18th, 2009

I promise…

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The latest buzzword to hit your screens, newsprint & senior management conference rooms is the “Policing Pledge“.

As we know, this government seem tro think the answer to everything is to write it down & measure it. So, along with the totally redundant Statements of Purpose we have, where we state on posters the bleedin’ obvious (putting people first, fighting crime, making our community safe & other worthless drivel) we are now writing down more of the bleedin’ obvious, in a pledge to do what we should be doing.

So, some typical things appearing in the new policing pledge (which every force must sign up to) are such illuminations as:

  • treating you with dignity & respect
  • answering the phone in x-seconds
  • informing you of the progress of your crime
  • yadda, yadda, yadda

oh, and the government are kindly ‘pledging’ that we’ll get to you in 15 minutes if it’s urgent or one hour if it’s not. Clearly, especially with the second pledge, they are having a giraffe; there are many thousands of people who currently have to wait a week or more for ‘non urgent’ jobs so how the bloody hell we’ll get to everyone within an hour is completely beyond me.

You’ll also have local pledges, so if your cul-de-sac is plagued by chavs you might get a pledge to get extra patrols, fantastic, except your town might have a hundred cul-de-sacs with their own problems.

You’ll also get to know who your local neighbourhood team is with details on how to contact them, which will make it much simpler for the police to solve your problems.

There is really nothing in the Policing Pledge which we shouldn’t be doing as a matter of routine, courtesy & duty now or for the last 50 years. I suspect that most of the things we aren’t doing aren’t because it’s not written down on a poster to be displayed at all police stations & discussed over tea & medals back at the Home Office.