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March 15th, 2009

Not only in Britain

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It’s not just in the UK that we have to put up with incredible court decisions.

Western Australia Police were called to the report of a brawl outside a pub in February 2008. The incident was captured on a witness’s mobile phone during which three members of the Mcleod family can be seen punching & assaulting several police officers. As the officers struggle to defend themselves or arrest the offenders, Officer Matthew Butcher uses a Taser on father Robert McLeod. In sickening footage, one of McLeod’s sons is seen launching a flying headbutt to the back of Officer Butcher’s head which floors him out cold on the pavement.

The officer suffered brain damage, is paralysed down his left side & partially blind. The trial concluded this week when  jury found all three members of the McLeod family not guilty after they claimed self defence. One of them was convicted of threatening to kill the person who filmed the incident.

Two Western Australian police officers have resigned in disgust citing the failure of the system to offer them any protection against attack when attending incidents where they are expected to stop men fighting in public. The officer & the force are now left with the possibility of seeking civil action against the thugs who have ruined the officer’s life and career.

Take a look at the footage. From what you can see, does it look like self defence? And people say ‘only in Britain‘!

Nearly 30,000 people have joined the Facebook group “The WA Justice System failed Constable Matthew BUTCHER“.

Further info on the case can be found here.