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March 9th, 2009

Where do I sign?

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The government’s latest plans to cut crime & solve all our social ills include a new way for people to avoid  paying for their crimes.

Youth Conditional Cautions are to be introduced later this year. They are meant to be for offenders who have committed one or two crimes too serious to be dealt with by reprimand or final warning.

The conditional part of the title would require the offender to take some action, for instance, apologising to the victim, if they comply with the condition then they can have a caution.

The Sun reported last week that the scheme looks set to include some teenage serial offenders if they have an underlying problem, such as a drugs addiction. I guess this is on the lines of they only committed the crime because of a dependancy, it wasn’t really their fault.

Is it just me or does this ‘new’ scheme appear to be quite old in that it is just a rehash of the old scheme of letting offenders off with a caution. Of course, the bonus is that it avoids sending people through the judicial system which costs a nasty amount of cash, so it’s back to tea & medals on the lawns of the Home Office.