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March 8th, 2009


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The 200 Weeks’ Scum of the Month award goes to two males from London, one calling himself “Charaf Elmoudden”.

They have tried to sell photographs of the post mortem of murdered Harry Potter actor Robert Knox detailing the horrific knife injuries he sustained when attacked by evil scumbag Karl Bishop. The pair handed pictures, used as evidence in the recent trial which saw Bishop imprisoned for the murder, to a reporter from the People Newspaper & tried to ellicit the sum of £10,000.

How the pair, who claimed to be friends of the killer, obtained the photographs is as yet a mystery but they appear to have been copies of photos given to the defence team. Elmouden is quoted, when asked about the effects the photo would have on the victim’s family, as saying “I don’t really care about the family.”

Killer Bishop had stabbed 5 people during the attack in London last year & was sentenced to four life sentences with a direction he serve at least 20 years. He has previously served two years of a four-year sentence for slashing two men across the face with a knife. Police described him as ‘a habitual knife carrier’.

The Sunday Times today reports that Bishop was named as a suspect in a knife-point robbery two months prior to the murder, but alleges police did not arrest him & thus potentially prevent the murder of Robert Knox by locking him up.

I’ve posted before on the government’s posturing over knife crime, here, here, here, here & here. As usual with this government, words are far more important than action, their unwillingness to actually do something to rid the streets of scum who carry & use knives will only mean more victims like Robert Knox.